вторник, 13 октября 2015 г.

Find your starting point!

As a beginning artist I try to find as much different information about traditional and abstract art paintings, canvas, brushes and other things as I can. I visit local galleries, talk to amateur painters like me and do research work. I want to learn more in order to improve my painting techniques. As I have already mentioned, I never studied visual arts. That’s why I pay great attention to works by renowned artists. One of my friends advised me to visit a web gallery at http://afremov.com/ where famous painter Leonid Afremov posts his modern art paintings, canvas prints and giclees that are available not only for viewing, but also for purchasing.

What do you know about him?

When I first saw pictures by Leonid Afremov, I couldn’t believe my eyes. The palette, style and mood of his paintings are simply amazing! Frankly speaking, only after seeing his works I decided to try palette knife in my own creations. Unfortunately, my samples looked more like kid’s painting, but I’m ready to practice. I admire the great number of themes and variety of genres in his artwork: cityscapes, landscapes, portraits and many more! I wish I had seen all that places with my own eyes, so wonderful they seem to be. And you know what? I bought one of his paintings, Last Kiss, for my sister’s birthday. Of course, I could give her one of my works, but they don’t look so good, ha-ha. I thought purchasing a good picture would cost me a fortune, but it didn’t. Wanna know why?

Buying something as beautiful for nothing? It’s possible!

The web gallery of Leonid Afremov has a set of advantages:

1.   The price includes shipping, so you don’t have to worry about paying extra for delivery.
2.   The gallery provides discounts for some abstract art paintings, canvas prints and glicees, so you can get a painting you like two or three times cheaper than it really costs (this is how I bought a present for my sister, but don’t tell her, please)
3.   You can see The Deal of the Day section at the top of each page where you can find the most acclaimed paintings by Mr. Afremov. The price is so low that you can get a well-known masterpiece almost for free!
4.   The choice of discounted pictures changes every few days, so you should drop by once in a while to see what’s new on the list.

As you can see, modern art paintings, canvas art and prints are now much more available than they used to be. Think about it – now you can get any picture you like, even a work by a renowned artist, without leaving your home and paying a fortune for it! Isn’t it just great?

пятница, 9 октября 2015 г.

In search of inspiration

My sister Alice likes watching TV series, as many other housewives. When I hesitated about leaving my job and start a new career, she advised me to watch MasterChef where people with different life stories try to change their lives completely by taking up a new craft. And they succeeded! Just look at the winners: Whitney Miller was a usual college student, Jennifer Behm was a real estate agent, Christine Ha was a blind writer, and none of them knew how to cook professionally. This TV show proves that even if you’re not a graduated specialist, you can become a successful artist, if you do it with all your heart. Yes, I think that culinary is a real art, because it deals not only with the process of chopping, boiling and frying, but also with finding a perfect flavor and creating compositions on a dish. While looking at their tasty masterpieces I found my own inspiration for new paintings. The sense of balance and careful choice of ingredients on their plates remind me about painstaking work of a real sculptor. And there’s going to be a new season, check it out: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MasterChef_(U.S._TV_series)#Series_Overview. My dream is to take part in a similar competition for beginning painters. I think such experience will be very interesting and useful for me!

вторник, 6 октября 2015 г.

Hello, my dear subscribers!

My name is Jane Singer, I’m 35 and I live in Portland. I’ve been working as a lawyer for fifteen years when out of sudden I realized that I’m not satisfied with my way of life anymore. I decided to change it completely and dedicate all my free time to art. Now I’m visiting different places, taking photos and trying my hand at painting. I am only a beginning artist, but I do hope I will develop my skills and become a versatile painter. I also hope you will help me learn more with your comments, so let’s get started!